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The herbs used in our proprietary formulation have been prescribed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners for generations.  These herbs possess many medicinal properties which have yet to be discovered by Western Medicine.  Modern medical research has only just begun to reveal some of the medicinal attributes of TCM herbs. 

Available research has shown that these herbs possess compounds which have the following properties:

*  anti-inflammatory - they act to inhibit the migration of white blood cells, inhibiting local build-up of white blood cell metabolites which can produce pain and swelling
*  analgesic properties - acting directly and quickly to reduce pain
*  promote clot dissolution - effective in reducing pain and discoloration caused by bruising
*  increase local blood flow and promote healing by removal of built-up toxins such as lactic acid, resulting in relieving muscle stiffness and increasing mobility

An excellent alternative to ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs, which have been known to cause gastro-intestinal upset.
The act of massaging the affected area during application promotes nutrient absorption and increased blood flow, which has shown to be very important in the healing cycle.

18 PATHS/ FBF 18    -   The most effective topical source for fast safe pain relief!


*  18 powerful natural nutrients - greater potential for broad spectrum relief

*  Quick Absorption - petetrates directly into your muscles, tissues, tendons and joints quickly to suppress and dispel inflammation at the source

*  Can be applied up to 4 times daily as required

*  Dries quickly - no sticky residue

*  Pleasant herbal aroma disappears on drying

*  Can be very effective before and after strenuous workout programs

*  No known negative side effects or risk of interaction with other medications

Our gel works directly at the cause of repetitive stress injuries, muscle spain, minor joint pain, arthritis, backache, lumbago, and sports injuries. It accelerates the healing process by reducing pain, spasm and inflammation within minutes.

Proprietary Production Process for Maximum Potency

The high quality, time-proven, powerful herbs in our formula are meticulously and painstakingly integrated over a 4 month natural brewing period.  Just as the finest wines and liquors need time to age and mature, this proprietary maturing process organically extracts and combines the active medicinal ingredients in their purest form without artificial accelerants or heat.

When buying our product you can be assured that only the best all-natural ingredients are used to help support and maintain maximum topical pain relief.


-  It's not about expensive clinical studies with unintelligible medical jargon

-  It's not about whether it's easy to pour or apply

-  It's not about fancy, expensive, good-looking containers


Hundreds of years of satisfied users can't be wrong. Don't settle for fancy names or packaging. Try our product. What have you got to lose?  Just your Pain.



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