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The 18 PATHS Advantage - 18 paths to 'fast' long lasting pain relief

 Why call our product "18 PATHS"?

Among the many synonyms for the word "PATH", are the words: direction, means, route,, gateway, method, shortcut etc. All of which describe what our unique topical pain relief product does in relation to relieving the most common aches and pains all of us suffer from time to time.

18 PATHS Herbal Relief Rub is the means and time- proven method to reduce pain and aid tissue repair for sore muscles and joints, utilizing 18 active pain-suppressing ingredients.
That's why we chose this name. 

Why you should choose 18 PATHS

Everyone's makeup and chemistry is different.  If one uses a topical analgesic with a limited set of ingredients, they may or may not work effectively.  With 18 PATHS, there are 18 active ingredients providing extra support, ensuring that it offers the potential for broad spectrum relief.

A great alternative to pills, it quickly and effectively reduces muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation due to a variety of causes such as:

*  Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
*  Contusions and bruises
*  Arthritis
*  Muscle sprains and strains
*  Quickly eases: Back pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Foot Pain etc.


Created by necessity, proven over time 18 PATHS Herbal Relief Rub:

*  relieves pain at the source
*  applies easily
*  is non-greasy
*  absorbs quickly
*  contains effective skin conditioners
*  pleasant minty aroma disappears on drying
*  works in minutes - lasts for hours.




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